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Discover The Secrets Of How Any Man Can Improve His Appearance At Any Age To Become Better Looking, Sexier and More Confident


I have an important question for you.

Do you want to find out about men's grooming techniques that will improve your appearance for the rest of your life?

If you answered "yes", you're lucky enough to have found the one e-book that men all over the world are benefitting from, and now you can too!

Believe it or not, at one point, I didn't even know what to do to improve my appearance. I searched everywhere, but couldn't find the hands-on information I needed to look my best.

BUT fast forward to today . . .

I did it! I discovered men's grooming techniques that really work, and I want to share them with you so you can benefit from all the information. The proof is in the real testimonials from professionals and customers (see below).

The good news is that it doesn't matter if you're fat, thin, tall, short, 21 or even 81, the information in "Grooming Secrets For MenTM" will work for any guy, and that means you!

the stylishman grooming techniques
author of Grooming Secrets For MenTM


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Grooming Secrets For Men
The Ultimate Guide To Improving Your Appearance

Stylish Man Book

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Just Updated With Even More Information


The TOP 4 GROOMING SECRETS to check before ever leaving home! (Just checking the “Top 4" will give you the edge over the rest!)

Skin Care:

  • Find out the anti-aging techniques to having amazing looking skin at any age (now is your chance to find out how to tame crows feet, say goodbye to dry, blotchy, irritated and oily skin and reveal healthy, clear skin!)

  • Find out how to stop the shine on your nose and forehead – say goodbye to embarrassing shiny skin!

  • Find out the best way to remove blackheads for clear, healthy skin (it’s easier than you think to rid yourself of those annoying black dots on your nose and forehead with this technique)!

  • Find out which skin care products you should use, and the best way to use them.

  • Find out which skin type you are.

  • Should you really use a product with an "SPF" in it? (The answer is probably not what you think it is!)

  • Find out tips to help you save when buying skin care products.

  • Use the innovative skin care chart (only found in Grooming Secrets for Men) to help you figure out which products work best for your particular skin.


  • Find out how to figure out what hairstyle will look best on you.  (Don't go to your barber/hairstylist without reading this section!)


Body Hair:

  • The best options to tame unwanted body hair on your back, shoulders, chest, arms, legs, neck, and even pubic hair!

  • Find out which facial hairs to trim and the best way to trim them. (Once you find out and you do it correctly, this makes a huge difference in your appearance.)

  • Find out what hairs to check for that most guys don’t know about. (You’ll be really glad you know this one once you find out you’ve got them!)


  • Find out the step-by-step way to get a super close, smooth shave with little or no irritation. (You may think you know how to get the best shave, but after finding out these tips, you'll be amazed at the difference!)

  • Find out the best way to use an electric razor to get the closest shave (those of you who use electric razors, this is a must!).

  • Find out what you should NEVER do if you use an electric razor. (Knowing this will save your skin and stop you from aging prematurely!)

  • If you have a beard, find out what you must do to keep it looking and feeling great!

Hair Care:

  • Find out what really works to make thinning hair thicker.  (If your hair is thinning - you HAVE TO know this information - these techniques really work!)

  • Find out the options of getting the grey out of your hair.

  • Find out how to look your best if you’re balding.

  • If you wear a hair piece find out what you can do to make sure it looks as natural as possible. (Is your hair piece really undetectable?  Find out how to make sure it is!)

Dental Care:

  • Find out how to get your teeth sparkling white without using harmful chemicals.

  • Which natural "toothpaste" should you use that will keep your teeth so clean and healthy that they'll look amazing, and will actually keep the enamel from deteriorating. (You'll be surprised at the answer - but the best part is - it works!)

  • Find out how to keep your toothbrush germ free so that you won’t expose your teeth and gums to harmful germs and bacteria.

Sex & Men's Grooming:

  • Don't get caught with your clothes off without knowing this information that will guarantee you'll be confident and at your best!

The 7 Most Common Grooming Mistakes

  • You've got to know these so you can make sure you're not making the mistakes that will prevent you from looking your best.

How To Give Yourself a Spa Day at Home

  • It's time you give yourself a spa day - here's how to do it!

Finding Your Own Style:

  • Find out the keys to determining what your own style is so you can express the real you! Don't go shopping for clothes until you read this section!

Body Odor:

  • Find out how to rid yourself of body odor once and for all! Even when you sweat you will stay smell free!

  • Find out the only all natural under arm deodorant that will keep you odor free for 7 days with just one application!  (This is so amazing you'll never go back to what you're using now!)

The Traveling Man:

  • What you need to know and take with you before you hit the road!


  • Find out what grooming tips you NEED TO KNOW while you're on a date (or at an important business meeting or function) that will guarantee you look your best when you really need to!

Look Your Best In Photographs:

  • Find out the key points to looking your best in photographs. Have your picture taken with confidence!

Walking the "Right" Way:

  • Is the way you walk a big turn off? Find out how walking the correct way can do wonders for you!

What To Wear:

  • Find out what to wear and what colors look best on you based on your skin tone and hair color.

Men of Color:

  • Find out how to handle the most common grooming issues you face.

Diet and Exercise:

  • Find out new and innovative tips that will help to keep you looking and feeling great!

Quick Tips:

  • This section is loaded with practical tips all geared to keep you looking your personal best!

Find out what you should always have in your pocket to keep you looking great (and it's not a mirror).

Find out which books and web sites will help you look and feel your best so you can live your best life.


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Don't go out on a date...

Don't go to that job interview...

Don't go to an important business meeting...

Don't even go out in public! ...

Until you've tried these proven techniques that are guaranteed to improve your appearance...

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Fact Men want to know how to look their best but don’t know who to ask or where to find out.
Fact Men want to find out about grooming tips they can do from home that are proven to produce positive results.
Fact When you look your best, you feel your best and are more confident, have higher self-esteem, are sexier and more attractive.
Fact You never get a second chance to make a great first impression! When you look your best making a great first impression is guaranteed.
Fact Men all over the world are already benefiting from the easy, at-home techniques found only in Grooming Secrets For Men™.
Fact Regardless of your age - here is your chance to find out how to look your personal best and stay that way for the rest of your life!
Fact If you only read one e-book in your entire life, this is the one to read!
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Let Me Ask You:

  • Do you want to look your best?
  • Do you want healthy, great looking skin for the rest of your life?
  • Do you have unwanted body hair that you once and for all want to tame?
  • Do you have thinning hair and want to know what really works to make it look thicker?
  • Do you have trouble looking in the mirror and being totally happy with what you see?
  • Are you spending ridiculous amounts of money on skin care or at spas and want to find out what really works that isn’t expensive?
  • Do you want to find out about grooming techniques that will improve your appearance now and for the rest of your life?
  • Do you want to look sexier and more appealing?
  • Do you want to make the best first impression you can?
  • Do you want more confidence and a higher self-esteem?
  • Do you want the edge over the other guys at that job interview that will help you get that job?"

By Reading Your Copy of Grooming Secrets For Men™, you will be shown how to...Achieve All of the Above!

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Regardless of your age, weight, or status in life, the techniques work for anyone!

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Grooming Secrets For Men has helped men all over the world look their best. The wonderful results from these techniques have been proven over and over again!

The bottom line – they work!

Everyone is raving about Grooming Secrets For Men. Here are a few comments by professionals who are very impressed with the information:

Now is your chance to look your personal best!

OK, I'm ready to look my best - I want to order!

Professional Review

David, I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed and learned from your book. As a male image consultant I thought I knew it all....but I stand corrected...you know it all! Great book, great advice that I can now use not only for myself, but for my clients as well.

Aaron Marino, Men's Image Consultant

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Professional Review

Just wanted you to know that I am VERY impressed with the information in Grooming Secrets For MenTM. It really is loaded with information that guys (and myself) can use every day!

As a professional trainer and owner of one of the top gyms in Los Angeles, I know how much guys want to look their best. Every day I see guys work hard to keep their bodies in shape.

If they only knew the information in your book, they would really maximize their looks! Even though your book is called "Grooming Secrets For MenTM", I also like that you cover other areas such as exercise, diet and meditation. I totally recommend your book for any guy who is interested in findingout how to look their personal best.

Barry Jay, Founder of Barry's Boot Camp/Celebrity Trainer
Los Angeles, CA

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Here's why YOU NEED the valuable information FOUND ONLY in Grooming Secrets For Men™:

Professional Review

I embarked on my search for a good mens grooming book. I combed through book stores and the internet until I chanced upon "Grooming Secrets For MenTM". What a break for me that I did! Your book isn't just good, it's great! I had been looking for months for something like this. I really like that the techniques are easy and simple, can be practiced and done from home, and that it points out things that I wasn't even aware of. Just so you know, my skin texture has improved now that I know which skin care products to buy for my skin type, and my facial hair trimming has also improved my appearance. It's true, I really am more confident at business meetings! I like this book so much I'm going to put it on my site to let the guys know about it. Thanks for all the help.

Leroy Fong
Mens Fashion Tips Expert
Professional Review
This book covers more than just the basics in men’s grooming and is sure to help you improve your looks…Grooming is essential for ones self-esteem and it is undeniable that one’s appearance will have direct impact on the man’s relationships, business, and just about every area of his life…..This can be easily achieved by gaining basic insights and developing some very simple habits…I am sure everyone will be pleased with their new and improved image after reading this essential guide for men.

Daniella Goven, M.S., Clinical Psychologist

This information is guaranteed to improve your appearance for the rest of your life!

Professional Review

I just got done reading the book you wrote. It was very well written, very informative, and everything you said was direct, to the point, not complicated to understand, and very professional. After 22 years in the beauty business, I learned things I didn't even think about. I would recommend all to read this book. Very well done.

David Ritz
Owner - Accents Hair Studio
West Hazleton, PA

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Professional Review

Dear David, I just finished reading your book and in a word I think it is great! It touches on every angle of things I am asked about every day...very well balanced discussion about sun screens too...Excellent!

Dr. Robert Marinaro, Dermatologist

What's the very best part?

You can use all of these tips from the comfort of your own home!

How much do you know about men's style & grooming? How badly do you actually need Grooming Secrets For Men?

Find out by taking the GROOMING QUIZ! Click here now.

Yes, I want in, I'm ready to order!

The proof is in customer results!

Here are actual testimonials from guys just like you that are currently benefitting from the techniques found only in Grooming Secrets For Men™.

Success Story

So glad I found your site. I’m beyond satisfied with the results I’ve noticed since trying out these grooming techniques. Friends who I never thought would notice have made comments on how good I look…

Steve W.
Melbourne, Australia

Success Story
Thank you for writing such an easy to read book about men’s grooming. I am very happy with the results I have noticed. Finally a book I can relate to as a man when it comes to all aspects of grooming…

Denver, CO

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Once you start noticing your new and improved look, your confidence will shoot through the roof!

Success Story

I wanted to let you know that I was looking for something like this and wish I could tell everyone about it. I think I do look my best now. I have started taking better care of my skin and have followed your advice in almost every section of your book. I am into exercise too and like the exercise and healthy eating section. I give you an A+!

Tempe, AZ

Success Story


I'm glad I came across your web site. I especially like the section on body hair trimming. I always wanted certain areas on my body that are hairy trimmed, but didn't want to go anywhere to have it done. You really explained it in a way that made it very easy for me to do at home, and I really like the way it looks. I also like the skin care chart. It helped me figure out which products worked for me.


Chicago, IL

Success Story


I finally finishined reading the e-book. I am happy to say that I learned quite a few new things that I hope to put into practice to enhance my appearance, my health and my overall personal outlook. I look forward to putting my newly acquired tips and techniques to work.

Atlanta, GA

If you’re not completely satisfied with what you see when you look in the mirror - you NEED this information!

Success Story

Dear David,

I have to say I am so glad I found this e-book. So many of the techniques have helped my appearance. I also really like the body odor recipe. I used to have strong body odor and now it's gone! No more complaints from my friends about my BO! I also like being a member of the grooming club and getting the e-mails about the latest tips.

Sean N.
New York, NY

Success Story

This book was extremely helpful. Grooming Secrets For MenTM is an honest, candid and direct text that addresses many concerns that men have about looking their best and answers them in a frank, useful and revealing way without advertising bias. I learned about hygienic methods and techniques that I have not been familiar with previously, and are not in any other books I have ever read.


Jacksonville, FL

Success Story

This was the best money I ever spent on myself. I never knew all the simple things I could do from home to make myself look better. I really like all the techniques you talk about and they’re so easy to do. Some of the things I never even thought of before. Thanks.

Birmingham, UK

Success Story

Dear Author,

I just wanted you to know that since I started taking better care of my grooming, I really do feel more confident when I go out. Just knowing I'm taking the time to look my best really does make a difference. I surprised myself. Thanks.

Dallas, TX

Success Story

Dear David,

I just wanted to let you know that since following your techniques on skin care my skin has never looked better. After a few days of using your routine, I have noticed a great difference. You're right, it only takes a few minutes in the morning and at night. I have also trimmed my eyebrows like you say and am very happy with the results.


Clifton, NJ

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You don’t have to settle anymore for just looking average – this information is guaranteed to improve your appearance - you’ll look amazing!

Success Story

Hi There,

I wanted you to know that the "Other Tips" section of your book helped me the most. I liked finding out about the other topics, but your quick tips were very eye opening.

Youngstown, OH

Success Story

Thanks for putting out such a great book. I downloaded it and went right to the section on body hair trimming. I had way too much back hair and too much hair on my arms, legs and stomach. I followed your easy technique and I REALLY LIKE the difference! I'm much less self-conscious about it now and now I can focus more on my workout. Thanks.

Greenwich, CT

Experience The Fast And Dramatic Results For Yourself!

ANYONE who uses the techniques in Grooming Secrets For Men will change their life for the better forever! The techniques in Grooming Secrets For Men WILL work if you apply them - the results are proven over and over again – you WILL look your best! And of course, when you look YOUR best you will FEEL your best, be more CONFIDENT and SELF-ASSURED, and have higher SELF-ESTEEM.

Sounds great, I'm ready to claim my copy now!

Success Story

David, a friend of mine found your site and told me about it. Through the help of your book my skin has never looked better. I finally know what products to look for and how to use them. Thanks.

New York, NY

Success Story


I wasn't sure if I needed your book but figured since I could get my money back it was worth a shot. As skeptical as I was, I don't regret the purchase at all. Actually, it was my girlfriend who started asking who I was going to because I trimmed my eyebrows and the hair between my eyebrows and it makes me look younger and she noticed. I was honest and told her I did it myself. Her noticing made it all worth it.

Calgary, Canada

Success Story

Dear Stylishman,

Thanks for the great tip in your exercise section of the e-book. I started doing it and in only a few days I feel more energetic and it's so much fun too.

San Francisco, CA

Success Story

Hello. The information in your book is great. I especially like what you call the “top 4” secrets to check. I think that has made the biggest difference for me. I really do feel more confident when I walk out my front door knowing that the “top 4” are in check…

Juan P.
Mendoza, Argentina

Increase your sex appeal just by following these techniques that are for men only!

Success Story

Dear David,

I normally don't bother writing "testimonials" but I wanted to take the time this time. I was one of those guys who wanted to take better care of my skin but didn't know how. It all seemed so confusing every time I went to get products. Since reading your book you made it all seem so easy. I went and got myself a few products and felt like a pro when I went shopping for products. I knew what to ask for, what skin type I have and didn't fall into the trap of buying too much. Anyway, thanks for the easy to follow instructions.

Cliffside Park, NJ

P.S. I forgot to mention my skin IS looking much healthier.

Success Story

Hi - I'm sure you've heard this before, but I just wanted you to know that I am very happy with the results I have experienced from your book. The section on Finding Your Own Style really helped me find my own look - I didn't know I had one! I also used the facial and body hair trimming suggestions and am surprisingly enjoying the results. Can't thank you enough for explaining everything as if you were talking just to me. Thanks.

Ronn M.
Carlsbad, CA

Success Story

Dear David,

I stumbled across your book while I was looking for skin care products. Just had to write to you that my skin has never looked better since I started following the daily routine you have in the book. My skin used to be and look very oily/shiny and now the shine is practically gone thanks to your advice. Hope you don't mind that I'm telling my friends what to do too!

San Francisco, CA

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These techniques were discovered by a regular guy just like you – so you know since they work for him - they’ll work for you!

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If you purchase Grooming Secrets for MenTM before , you'll receive three *FREE* bonus books (a total value of $64.85 - yours for free)! This is a time-limited offer and is only available if you act NOW!

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"Natural Skin Care For Men" Find out why you should use natural skin care and where to find it. This book is an amazing reference on where to find all natural products for face and body.

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(a $24.95 retail value)

"Health Is A Choice" World renowned Doctor, Scientist, Nutrition Expert and Writer Raymond Francis reveals the information on how to stay healthy for the rest of your life! This cutting edge information is a MUST for anyone who wants to know the truth about staying in good health. NOTE: This amazing e-book was created exclusively for this site and cannot be found anywhere else!

Bonus Book #3
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"Shoes - A Man's Guide" Find out about the top five brands of shoes that will keep you looking great and your feet feeling great (and if you have back pain, these shoes are a must!). If you don't know about these brands, you'll be glad you found out!

E-Book or Paperback

Many guys want to know what the difference is if they purchase the e-book from this site or the paperback book version from Aamazon.com or Barnes & Noble (bn.com)

When you buy the e-book from this site, you get:

* The e-book "Grooming Secrets For MenTM"

* The 3 FREE bonus books "Natural Skin Care For Men", "Health Is A Choice", and "Shoes - A Man's Guide"

* Automatic entry into The Grooming Club in which you'll receive the monthly ezine that has grooming tips, product reviews, and style tips

* There are a few sections that are in the e-book and NOT in the paperback version.(Hairstyles, Sex & Men's Grooming, The 7 Most Common Grooming Mistakes, How To Give Yourself A Spa Day At Home are in the e-book only)

When you buy the paperback version you get:

* The paperback "Grooming Secrets For MenTM"(Note: This makes a great gift for a friend, father, son, etc.)

As you can see the e-book is a much better deal!

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But wait, there's even more....

With your order of Grooming Secrets For Men you will automatically be enrolled in The Grooming Club !
Club members receive entry into the men's grooming blog. You will get an email every time the author writes something new in the grooming blog. The grooming blog will let you know about more skin care products, shaving products, men's accessories, etc., and/or any latest information you should know about to keep you looking your best.

I want you to find out about this information so much, that I am offering a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked!

You CAN'T Lose - 100% Money Back Guarantee!

We've kept the price extremely low so that anyone can afford to find out this valuable information.

If you want results that last a lifetime, Grooming Secrets For Men is for you!

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Grooming Secrets For Men

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I also understand that if I order before , I will be receiving the following three bonuses worth a total of $64.85 as well as an instant membership to The Grooming Club! These are my free gifts for purchasing today.

  1. Natural Skin Care For Men. Find out why you should use natural skin care and where to find it. This book is an amazing reference on where to find all natural products for face and body.
  2. Health Is A Choice. Find out from health and nutrition expert Raymond Francis how to stay healthy for the rest of your life! This cutting edge information is a MUST for anyone who wants to know the truth about staying in good health.
  3. Shoes – A Man’s Guide. Find out about the top five brands of shoes that will keep you looking great and your feet feeling great (and if you have back pain, these shoes are a must!). If you don't know about these brands, you'll be glad you found out!

I also understand my purchase today will be backed 100% by the following better than risk-free 60 day money back guarantee: "If after sincerely giving the techniques found within Grooming Secrets For Men™ a try, you do not find this helpful in looking your best - I will give you a full refund of the purchase price - and you can take 60 days to decide."

Order Your Copy Today:

Click on the button below to process your order online with our safe and secure merchant, Clickbank. There are three ordering options: 1) Pay with a Credit Card, 2) Checking Account, or 3) Paypal Account.

Thanks to my immediate download feature, you can find out ALL the valuable information on how to look your best and gain the expert advice in Grooming Secrets For Men in just seconds from now!

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